Festival of Lights Zagreb 2018

Client: Zagreb Tourist Board
Brand: Festival of Lights Zagreb
Year: 2018

PROteam, as a partner of the project, participated again in the Festival of Lights Zagreb through four installations, two of which are 3D video mapping projections and two are holograms.

Using a hologram projection technology, visitors could enjoy the creation of magical red rose at one location, while on the other, tulips growing and flowering. The 3D video mapping projection technology has revived the facade of the State Meteorological Institute and told a special story in the Jesuit Square.

“The Story of the Upper Town”, a warm story of true care and love for the loved ones, was told through the 3D video mapping projection on the Facade of the Faculty of Law at the Jesuit Square

“Spring play of laser and 3D mapping” is another PROteam 3D video mapping projection from this year’s Festival. This was in combination with the lasers in the Grič Park, on the facade of the State Meteorological Institute building.

More @ www.festivalsvjetlazagreb.hr