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Dejan Brcković – Brcki

Producer and owner of PROteam! This experienced, professional, is just not a typical “owner”.  He leads his team of people according to the principle “I am not the boss, I am the colleague”! Unsuspecting Agronom, he accidentally wandered into technical production in his student days. He gained rich experience of over 20 years in video and event production, initially through project assistance and later in independent project management. We can boast that our Brcki as part of the team or independently as a producer participated in the organization of the Night of the Swallowers, Be CROative, Nautic Cinema, Golden Marten, Buy Croatia, 70 years of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Bosch, 24 hours Digital Take over, HP 25 years and many other renowned projects. PROteam was founded with the aim of providing the highest quality technical production and the use of new technologies in marketing and production!
After so many years of experience in the organization, this job presents him with a challenge, passion and a place to prove and seek new things.

Iva Sarić (Lukić)

Speed and detail are the mindset of this young graduate economist in sustainable development. Qualified for organizing any type of event, from fairs to conferences to awards ceremonies. As a project manager, Iva is part of the PROteam responsible for coordinating and realizing all the wishes of clients. She gained seven years of experience organizing various corporate, thematic, internal and external conferences, round tables, festivals, fairs, panels, seminars, sports events and awards. We can especially highlight Večernjak’s Rose, Businessman and Economic Event of the Year, OPG Zlata vrijedan and a series of conferences Business Rise where she worked from 2016 to 2019. In PROteam, in addition to project coordination, actively works on sales, marketing and social media management. He says: What was not published did not happen!

Ivan Celčić (cela)

The youngest member of the team who can boast of his expertise in the segment of audio realization. He entered the world of production at the age of 16 out of curiosity and love for sound. A not at all shy but very polite young man who gives our team positivity with his smiling spirit. Ivan often performed as a DJ and young event manager at volunteer events. In PROteam, he is in charge of audio at conferences and smaller events, and he will certainly go far with his ambition and become a top sound engineer.

Dejan Veličković – Deka

Veteran in technical production, active for over 20 years. His greatest love is video production. Given his long career, he has gone through all segments of video production, video equipment, screens, projectors, plasma, LED TV devices, LED screens, video directing and video / audio editing. Apart from video, he is no stranger to audio and light management or IT equipment. In his long career he has been an indispensable factor in large projects and gigs as well as traditional projects (Ulysis Theater on Brijuni, various theater performances of the Comedy Theater, video screenings at Zagreb Fountains, mapping screenings at the Zagreb Light Festival, corporate events).
Complications and solving seemingly unsolvable problems in technical production are his passion and only combinations known to him solve unsolvable problems and difficult situations. For Dejan, the saying goes as well as for quality wines “The older the better”.

Timmothey Teofil Čačković – Timi

A typical representative of the younger generations – technology is not a problem for him and working on it is a pleasure.
Through occasional work in production, he acquired the basic knowledge to actively form himself into a quality technician in the last 4 years, for whom no equipment and its management is a problem. There is no problem that cannot be solved in its own way and playfully. He is equally good at video, audio and light equipment. However, with the advent of online events, he became especially active for the IT segment and the implementation of online projects. She loves to experiment and explore new things in the world of technology and online. We must emphasize that Timi is a favorite among clients! Timmothey still has a lot of big projects ahead of him – he is the future.

Tomislav Drnić – Tomica

Informatics is his love and passion. He is finishing his study in the field of computer systems. He is undecided when answering the question of which he prefers software or hardware. He is tireless in absorbing knowledge and new things in the world of technology, constantly researching and following the news in this segment. He was engaged in practical work in the field of electrical engineering. Smart watches, mobile phones, LED TVs are not just devices for him – he will research to the smallest detail to find out what the new model offers and why it is better than the previous model. His motto: the modern world is based on zeros and ones.

Joel Čačković – Joja

Officially the shortest member of our team, but therefore physically the greatest in the team and probably the strongest. As an external collaborator, Joel worked with us on a number of smaller or larger gigs and learned the basics of the job there. He listens carefully to his older colleagues, monitors their work with the equipment and absorbs any advice he receives. He has not yet decided in which direction he would go with the specialization so we teach him video, audio and light.
In his free time he loves cycling and walking with dogs.
Time will tell in which direction our Joja will go!

David Čačković – Dado

The youngest but certainly not the weakest member of the team
Dado deservedly became an equal member of the PROteam team in 2023 after frequent work as an external collaborator. The youngest member, but he can boast of enviable knowledge in technical assembly. He has a bright future ahead of him because young ambitious hopefuls always succeed!

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